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Let’s go on an adventure! + help request + advent announcement

I was thinking about this year’s advent and realised I could use it as an excuse to blog more, and also implement my poor TAC efforts this year, so I came up with an idea I hope you’ll like. 😊

one post, one picture, one word every day for 24 days starting on December 1st

+ one extra post on Christmas day with (hopefully) a few monthly finishes

I will feature shots of current Christmas stitching or pieces I’ve stitched in the past, together with an Italian word every day, not much else (but I’ll throw in a few words if I manage to find the time 😉).

I already have a list of pieces, some I’ve been working on in November, some throughout the year, many will get fully crossed off the WIPorn list during the advent – but I won’t spill all the beans just yet. 😊

Now onto the adventure part of the post, and the matter that requires your input and help. 😊

My other plan is to start the Frosted Pumpkin Passport Club in December and have it finished before the end of the year or before the end of the holidays (it would male this my first finish of 2017! 😀). It was launched in January this year so most of it is available now (with the last bit coming out in just a couple of days); quite a bit, I know, but they are really tiny – this time the Pumpkin girls packed SO much cuteness in very little space! ❤️ My favourite bit so far is the kawaii koala, which happened to be released in October, my birth month. 😍

While I stitch I usually listen to music or an audiobook, or watch a film I’ve already seen so I don’t get too distracted (read too interested in the film rather than the needlework and make regrettable mistakes, ouch!). The obvious choice for Passport was Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. 😀 I got the audiobook read by Patrick Tull and the 1956 film, which I’ve never seen – shocking, considering I fell in love with David Niven when I was a kid.

But as I was planning all of this I realised I might need something more to keep me company, and my dear friend Amanda had a brilliant idea: I could watch a movie set in each country; or as an extension to this: an audiobook by an author born in that country or set in that country, or watch a film based on said books, etc. 😉 so I thought I would ask you to recommend me something – I would love to get tips from all around the world! 😉

Here is the list of destinations, if anything comes to mind just let me know! 😊

  1. London, United Kingdom
  2. Paris, France
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Switzerland
  5. Greece
  6. Moscow, Russia
  7. Giza, Egypt
  8. Agra, India
  9. Japan
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Lima, Peru
  12. ?

Now I simply must get back to my stitching or I won’t have time for any of these plans! 😜

See you in just a few days! Ciao!


16 thoughts on “Let’s go on an adventure! + help request + advent announcement

  1. Greece The obvious is to listen to Theodorakis and Hatzidakis music! But also songs sung by George Dalaras and Dimitris Mitropanos.You can read one of the books in the following list in Goodreads “Greek books in translation” and all the classics of course. As for movies “A touch of spice” is great and is almost the story of my family, The Red Lanterns, Zorba The Greek, Brides. Hope I helped. AriadnefromGreece.


      1. I forgot to add two movies that my husband’s Godson is starring and they have become great hits abroad as well, “Mikra Anglia” and “Ouzeri Tsitsanis” In the latter hubby and I played too.AriadnefromGreece!


  2. What an awesome idea! Good luck with stitching the whole Passport in one month.
    My recommendation is Girl With a Pearl Earring for The Netherlands. You’ll be spoiled for choice with London but Oliver The Musical is a good choice, lots of songs and scenes of Old London Town there.
    Moulin Rouge for Paris, more songs.


  3. OOOh, I love your idea of books/films set in that country for your Passport stitching. Okay, a few suggestions: Netherlands: Girl with a Pearl Earring (film and book); Moscow: Moskva by Jack Grimwood (a great thriller), Snowdrops by A.D. Miller and of course War and Peace or Anna Karenina by Tolstoy; Agra, India – not quite here but a classic novel set in India – A passage to India by E.M. Forster (film and novel); Greece: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (film and novel) or Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey; Switzerland: Heidi or The Sound of Music; London: Wolf Hall or The Other Boleyn Girl; Paris: A tale of two cities (covers London as well); Giza, Japan: Across the nightingale floor, Memoirs of a Geisha; Sydney, Australia: The harp in the south and Poor Man’s Orange. I hope that this list helps. hugs, Kaye


  4. Just off the top of my head, for France you really should watch “Charade” with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. And for London “Christmas Carol” with Alistair Simm. It’s a 1952 movie, B&W, but I think it’s the best of all the versions made.


  5. For Australia you have to watch “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” It is such a great movie!
    There are heaps of good Aussie movies around… other picks would be “Muriel’s Wedding”; “The Castle”; “Red Dog” (which is filmed around where I grew up – I even knew the real Red Dog!); the original Mad Max movies; “Picnic at Hanging Rock”… I could go on!
    Can’t wait to hear what movies you choose as you go :o)


  6. For Switzerland I really recommend the new version of ‘Heidi’ that came out last year, it’s really cute and very true to the original.
    For Japan, I’d recommend one of my all-time favourite movies, ‘Memories of Matsuko’, but it’s probably to distracting to watch while stitching, so I’d recommend going with one of the classics by Kurosawa, maybe ‘The Seven Samurai’ is best known 🙂


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