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An Alphabet Club Mystery

Because you’ve all been so kind and persevering with The Alphabet Club for such a long time, I had this idea brewing in the back of my head of a special TAC Mystery and was waiting for the right piece to fall into my lap. Well, it did a little before the holidays, and as a way of force feeding my poor stitching appetite (as well as giving my shoulders a break and do some quick, hoop stitching) I decided to cut fabric, pick up a brand new needle and see if something clicked.

I took work-in-progress shots if this quick little project, so you can guess what it is that I’m stitching as I post pictures of it every other day or so. Feel free to post your guesses and ask questions about it in the comments, I’ll reply to some in the following post. 😊 It’s going to be really quick and easy, I promise it’ll be solved by next month’s detention! 😀 Have fun! – Chiara


P.S. you can follow the mystery unfold here or on Instagram #TACmystery 😉



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