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An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 2


And here is clue number 2! 🔮 😊

All I can say for now is that I have swapped the fabric it came with for 40ct. Vintage Zweigart linen (which I find complements the piece way better than off-white Aida) and I’m using the thread selection it came with (1 over 2).

I’ll end up using such an embarrassing small amount of thread for this one, I might send it out to anyone who wants to stitch it as well! 😀 Perhaps this could be the prize: to be the first in line for this travelling pattern, and if you’re afraid the threads won’t last, you can always pick some from your stash using the ones I sent as a guide. What do you say?

Happy guessing! And happy stitching! 😊 – Chiara


3 thoughts on “An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 2

  1. Well, I guess it is done kind of chocolate bunny! =D But I have not been paying enough attention to recent releases to do better than that!


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