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An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 8

Almost there! Here is the eighth clue! 😀 🔮

Remember that if someone gets it right I will send a private confirmation via email so that everyone else can keep on playing. 😊

Because I’ve decided to turn this into a travelling pattern, whoever guesses it first gets to be the first in line to stitch it, then I’ll make a list of participants (Kaye and Allie are already on the list) and at the end I would love to get it back and stitch it again using threads from my own stash because I’m not overly fond of the shading effect. I’ll select some DMC threads before sending it out so that you can opt to use the provided threads, the ones I plan on using next or just go with whatever you feel like. 😀

You can follow the mystery and guess on Instagram as well, the hashtag is #TACmystery 😉

If you have time to go to the cinema, I highly recommend two completely different movies: La La Land, which is pretty much impossible to hide from these days anyway 😉; lovely soundtrack, beautiful costumes and the funniest Italo-American lingo like “piscicaca🤣🤣🤣


and Split, the new M. Night Shyamalan with an INCREDIBLE James McAvoy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Going back to needlework really quickly, I’m about to add the last stitches on this little mystery, and with just the perfect timing I received some flexible hoop frames so that I can hang this one on the wall. I got these from The Homemakery, one of my favourite shops for crochet hooks & supplies, Bohin needles, and now these beautiful hoop frames: 💕


Another happy mail day saw the arrival of two needle minders from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery gals: I have to get back to my queue of WIPs so that I can start their new 2017 stitch along – Heidi was released yesterday, it’s too sweet! 💕


See you soon for another clue! Happy guessing and happy stitching! 😊 – Chiara

4 thoughts on “An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 8

  1. Oh, that doesn’t look so rabbit-y anymore…is it a little mouse? A hazel dormouse, perhaps?

    I really want to see both of this movies, but Lalaland isn’t in the cinema very often anymore, and Split might be a movie I’d rather watch at home with lights on and my stitching in my hands…but I will get to them eventually 😀


    1. I saw them this week because here OV movies usually come out a few weeks after the dubbed versions 👎🏻 so I always have to wait a bit (but not as long as for the rental! 😉).
      Split will make a great home-view honestly, I was just too curious to hold on; La La Land looked really gorgeous on the big screen, but again, lovely home-video as well 🙌🏻


    1. Oh, my sister and I agree with you – it’s definitely overrated in terms of nominations and fuss, and honestly a bit in your face these days; very much like The Artist a few years ago. Personally I don’t think this does any good to the films because of all the expectations you trade in once you go see them, but nevertheless I liked this one a lot. 😊


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