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An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 10

You have it! The tenth and possibly last clue! 😀 🔮

Remember that if someone gets it right I will send a private confirmation via email so that everyone else can keep on playing. 😊

Because I’ve decided to turn this into a travelling pattern, whoever guesses it first gets to be the first in line to stitch it, then I’ll make a list of participants (Kaye and Allie are already on the list) and at the end I would love to get it back and stitch it again using threads from my own stash because I’m not overly fond of the shading effect. I’ll select some DMC threads before sending it out so that you can opt to use the provided threads, the ones I plan on using next or just go with whatever you feel like. 😀

You can follow the mystery and guess on Instagram as well, the hashtag is #TACmystery 😉


See you soon! Happy guessing and happy stitching! 😊 – Chiara

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