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An Alphabet Club Mystery revealed

Look at the calendar! 😱 It’s about time I reveal the solution to the Alphabet Club Mystery!

As some of you guessed, it’s a SSSSSSSS.. SCIMMIA! 😀🙈🙊


February was the TAC month for S, so I stitched something starting with S (in Italian, of course! 😜).

Congratulations those who guessed and those who participated, I had a lot of fun setting this up for you.

I apologise for being so late with this post, but I had all sorts of things getting in the way (including endless computer problems, my photos on iCloud being unaccessible for days, life, books, the news 😱, and a pretty addictive virtual quilt app game, can you believe something like this even exists?! 😜).

Because I’ve decided to turn this into a travelling pattern, those who guessed it first and wanted to, got to be the first in line to stitch it. I’ll make a list of participants and at the end I would love to get it back and stitch it again using threads from my own stash because I’m not overly fond of the shading effect. I’ll select some DMC threads before sending it out so that you can opt to use the provided threads, the ones I plan on using next or just go with whatever you feel like. 😀

Lenore, Kaye and Allie are already on the list. If you would like to stitch this Little Monkey yourself, just contact me using the contact me form. 😊

I hope you have a lovely weekend, take care!



6 thoughts on “An Alphabet Club Mystery revealed

    1. Oh, I would love to stitch a koala pal for this guy! ❤️ 🐨🐵
      It’s an app game that takes place on a quilt, with hand stitched details all over the place, quilted lines, felt, etc. the loading screen is a needle sewing thread! 😀


  1. I would never have guessed it would turn out to be a monkey! It sure looked like the beginnings of a bunny to me 🙂 Cute – well done! I’m not even going to look at a quilt game app – time is short! haha

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