How To

after being asked several times how I do this and how I do that, I decided to create a separate section of this blog where I list posts in which I explained my personal opinion on certain matters.

I just come from my own personal experience and can only speak for myself, but I find that there’s always something interesting in learning how other people do something, or store something, pros and cons of a method or tool, etc. – you can always incorporate a bit of what others do, or just take it as an extra bit of info. one of the beauties of needlework is that you never stop learning 🙂

if you have questions just add a comment here or write me using the contact me form you find here. ciao!

– – –

– my personal thoughts, comparisons and maths on solid and hand dyed stashing: DMC, WDW, GAST, Nina’s Threads

most important: how to use this blog

– real stitchers don’t steal

my personal thoughts on my projects, my pictures, my modifications, etc.

– the How To series –

Chapter 1: an introduction and kitting up with solids – THREADS

Chapter 2: kitting up with solids – FABRICS

Chapter 3: kitting up with hand dyed – THREADS + floss storage pt. 1

Chapter 4: this girl likes bags – floss storage pt. 2

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