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monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

hello! hello! I’ve been busy in the past days working feverishly on the games for this year’s enigma and I’m more than happy to announce that I made it! YEAH! 😀 it took me WAY more than I expected, and I won’t do anything this elaborate for probably 5 years or so but hey! I hope…… Continue reading monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

2015 Smalls SAL · DMC · Mo's Sale · Nina's Threads · SODA Stitch · The Grey Tail · TUSAL · WIPs

the A-I-O post

I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again but, alas, here we are: weeks late for a bunch of updates with a fat lot of catching up to do. bear with me, it’s going to be a long post. – – – the TUSAL update. let’s get this one out of the way first. 🙂 as you…… Continue reading the A-I-O post