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real stitchers don’t steal

it is with a heavy heart that I find myself, once again, in the position to have to write about something I would rather have never discovered because it never happened. but it did happen, and I did find out about it, so what should I do, now that I find myself with something extremely…… Continue reading real stitchers don’t steal

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monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

hello! hello! I’ve been busy in the past days working feverishly on the games for this year’s enigma and I’m more than happy to announce that I made it! YEAH! 😀 it took me WAY more than I expected, and I won’t do anything this elaborate for probably 5 years or so but hey! I hope…… Continue reading monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

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one finish, one start, one drama

that’s how it works, right? you finish something, you tell yourself you’re allowed to start something new rather than picking up an old WIP, and BANG! colour issues arrive! đŸ˜€ – – – let’s start with the finish 😉 in 5 days or so I stitched the lovely Little House Needleworks freebie that I received…… Continue reading one finish, one start, one drama