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the weekend and the movies

so what have I been up to? this was really not a stitchful weekend, even if I promised I would do as much as I could and finish part one of Atelier Perdu’s Patches of Life.. I didn’t.. this makes my Stitching Olympics as miserable as the real ones by Italian athletes.. 😀 I guess…… Continue reading the weekend and the movies

Madame Muriel · Stitch Me Club 2012 · Stitching Olympics 2012

stitching with Madame

I must say weather temps already lowered enough to guarantee decent sleep at night, and easy life while indoors.. thank goodness! 😀 Madam and I are having a great time, as we both enjoy having tea breaks and stitching while watching the Olympic games.. (Lana is particularly fond of tea, just like Madame, as you…… Continue reading stitching with Madame

Madame Muriel · Stitch Me Club 2012 · Stitching Olympics 2012

the lady in red

look who the postman escorted to my door yesterday morning? 😀 the Madame!! Madame Muriel!! 😀 she watched me working all day yesterday, and rush to post this before Gracie leaves for her family reunion! 😀 Gracie was the greatest, really.. she sent a huuge box with all sorts of beautiful things inside.. (I must confess..…… Continue reading the lady in red

Stitch Me Club 2012 · Stitching Olympics 2012

ready, steady, go!

as promised, I managed to add pictures to yesterday’s post.. now it all makes much more sense.. 😀 I’ll add them here anyways, for I must say I really like how this ought-to-be tag turned out.. there’s still this month’s Theme-a-licious to mention, and it goes without saying the Stitching Olympics suit this purpose just…… Continue reading ready, steady, go!

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eggs, fur and olympics

and oxytocin did the trick! 😀 one hour time and all five eggs were out, Pablita looks alright (yay! :)) but she’ll have another check up in two weeks in order to be sure there weren’t any other cells in the making.. but all in all it should be over! THANK GOODNESS! 😀 on the…… Continue reading eggs, fur and olympics