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Advent TAC – day 2, 3 and 4 + letter Q

🎄 Hello! Welcome to my needlework Advent Calendar! 😊 Sorry for the delay but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend. Today’s first entry is a WIP shot I took last year, Sew Advent SAL from 2015 by iStitch Designs; I used the usual a Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen band and silk threads of my choosing (NPI,…… Continue reading Advent TAC – day 2, 3 and 4 + letter Q

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when Holmsey the Hare pays you a visit..

When Holmsey the Hare pays you a visit, You welcome him in and see what he brought is exquisite. So you don’t sit and idle away, You don’t doodle or cry “Not today!”. You play and explore, You dress him up in hand dyed galore. In a book, on a shelf, He hops around all pleased with himself. – – -…… Continue reading when Holmsey the Hare pays you a visit..

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not your classic home-alone summer adventure of the week

I just thought of breaking my hiatus for a quick update on something terrible and shocking that happened yesterday in the area where I live, the Riviera del Brenta. Italy is not exactly a tornado-friendly country, but with the climate change (especially in the past few years) these extreme, one of a kind tragedies are piling up…… Continue reading not your classic home-alone summer adventure of the week

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monthly goals, happy mail and a break

my monthly goals for June were: stitch the 6th part of Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (Peter Pan) —> ☑️ YES!!  😀 despite not being able to print the chart because at the beginning of June my laptop visited the 🍎🏥 😀 (Apple Hospital) for a week, and my phone disconnected from the WiFi network (needed to print via AirPrint because of a scheduled power outage I remembered about, yet I…… Continue reading monthly goals, happy mail and a break

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the catch-up game: monthly goals

yours truly has been reunited with her dear chap yesterday, free of charge. let’s all rejoice for a moment and thank the cosmos for this series of fortunate events. 🙂 thank you too for crossing your fingers so hard for me and bringing me such good luck, it was so very appreciated! 😀 😘 – – – now let’s…… Continue reading the catch-up game: monthly goals

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gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish

I know we agreed on a weekly Thursday post but honestly I see no reason why I should wait until tomorrow when I have a bit of time now, and most of all a finish to show! (and it’s from my goals too! win win! 😀 ) – – – before showing off my most…… Continue reading gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish