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gifts and goodbyes

although I didn’t blog, I have been up to a few things lately. one of them was preparing the gifts for the blogaversary winners 🙂 now you didn’t think I was going to spoil all the surprise, did you?! 😉 there are a few other things I cannot photograph cause I won’t wrap them, so..…… Continue reading gifts and goodbyes

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square one

after all the aerosols and integrators Taras took last week, I’m looking at the same flu symptoms we thought he recovered from.. I went to the vet (another vet) this afternoon and we agreed on taking some distance from the treatments he followed last week, which were kind of aggressive and have backfired now.. he’ll…… Continue reading square one

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look what I got in todays’ mail.. 🙂 called for fabric and threads for the Magic Garden Sampler SSAL I ordered back in July (anyone who wants to stitch this project as slowly as possible, you’re welcome to join Veronica and me! :D) then I received the last batch from Sabine Rossi’s creations.. and look what…… Continue reading ooops..

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the weekend and the movies

so what have I been up to? this was really not a stitchful weekend, even if I promised I would do as much as I could and finish part one of Atelier Perdu’s Patches of Life.. I didn’t.. this makes my Stitching Olympics as miserable as the real ones by Italian athletes.. 😀 I guess…… Continue reading the weekend and the movies

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stitching with Madame

I must say weather temps already lowered enough to guarantee decent sleep at night, and easy life while indoors.. thank goodness! 😀 Madam and I are having a great time, as we both enjoy having tea breaks and stitching while watching the Olympic games.. (Lana is particularly fond of tea, just like Madame, as you…… Continue reading stitching with Madame

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the lady in red

look who the postman escorted to my door yesterday morning? 😀 the Madame!! Madame Muriel!! 😀 she watched me working all day yesterday, and rush to post this before Gracie leaves for her family reunion! 😀 Gracie was the greatest, really.. she sent a huuge box with all sorts of beautiful things inside.. (I must confess..…… Continue reading the lady in red