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An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 8

Almost there! Here is the eighth clue! 😀 🔮 Remember that if someone gets it right I will send a private confirmation via email so that everyone else can keep on playing. 😊 Because I’ve decided to turn this into a travelling pattern, whoever guesses it first gets to be the first in line to stitch it, then I’ll…… Continue reading An Alphabet Club Mystery – clue 8

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now that we’re far away from February 14th I can finally write a post about French films without falling into the “hopelessly romantic” trap. I’m really not a fan of romantic comedies, in fact they either bore me to death or make me wish an ill fate to the protagonists, so you can tell Nicholas…… Continue reading exceptions

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Wonderland of wonders

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite books when I was growing up. I picked this pocket edition one day when book shopping with mom. I remember picking it up from the shelf, so tiny and inviting. the font was tiny as well, unabridged, there were the original drawings, notes, the original songs…… Continue reading Wonderland of wonders

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la grande bellezza

very delayed post – especially since this is not the one I announced for yesterday – but still, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that feeling proud of being Italian doesn’t happen much these days. or at all, for what it matters. well, last night at about 3AM I really felt proud. and not because of…… Continue reading la grande bellezza

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Chapter forty-eight – Hide & Explore

previously on the grey tail: some stitching and a leaky nose. – – -entering our kitchen brings such surprises! :Ddon’t think you can come back from a food shopping trip without undergoing a thorough inspection.- – -now that I paid my kitty tribute, here are some stitching pictures. I’ve been keeping up with Plum Street Sampler’s Sunday Mystery Sampler.…… Continue reading Chapter forty-eight – Hide & Explore

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Chapter forty-four – Don’t touch my threads!

previously on The grey tail: I’ve shown you more kitty pictures and a few delicious things. – – – only a couple of days left before I go to the needlework fair, YAY! I must say I’m in full fair-mode. I prepared a list of things I need with colour choices and sizes (mainly Grigoletto linens and ThreadworX pearl…… Continue reading Chapter forty-four – Don’t touch my threads!

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20 + 7

these past days have been so tense I basically lived on camomile tea.. 😀 anyways, now that the weekend is here I must find the time to do some shopping and prepare the package for Muriel.. she had to stay this long for she couldn’t leave without a suitcase, you know 😉 but first let…… Continue reading 20 + 7