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Trick-or-Treat Party

Happy Hallowe’en everybody!! 🎃👻💀👹 Sadly time wasn’t on my side this October 😔 I didn’t get all the Hallowe’en extravaganza ready in time – but I’m determined to work my needles off this week! 😀 What I can show you is the main designs in Trick-or-Treat Costume Party Club by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, I…… Continue reading Trick-or-Treat Party

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Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

because I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and I’m late for at least a few appointments, I thought we should bring back those “chapter” posts that some of you liked so much. I’m taking some time this morning to write for as long as I can and schedule the chapter-posts that you can…… Continue reading Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

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past, present and future goals

ciao everybody! it’s good to be back to writing, and typing, and making mental notes (“I have to blog about this”), and thinking “oh I wonder what she’ll have to say when she reads about this! and that!” 😀 in the bullet list of New Year’s resolutions there is to try and update the blog once a week -…… Continue reading past, present and future goals

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Theme-a-licious October

I don’t think I managed to participate in Heather’s Theme-a-licious so far this year, too bad because I love the geeky hints she gives every month to keep us working on those WIPs or justify our oh-no,-not-again! new starts 😉 before the year ends there’s definitely one month I want to dive into, Oft-Overlooked October! the directions…… Continue reading Theme-a-licious October

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and enigma it is!

the poll for this year’s blogaversary challenge has just been closed and the results are in! you can see them here:  by one vote only, the stitch enigma has officially won!! – win win, cause this means I’ll have to start something new pretty soon! WOOHOO!! 😀 I know it was part of my New Year’s resolutions not to start…… Continue reading and enigma it is!

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Chapter thirty six – A trip down Stitching Memory Lane

previously on The grey tail: I came back. that’s already big news. – – – now, I’m sure you’re all super excited at the idea of getting a signed copy (of what?) that I’ll be getting (where?) for one or more of you (could you be more vague?!). 😀 well, here is how things will work. I’ll…… Continue reading Chapter thirty six – A trip down Stitching Memory Lane