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it’s a gift-away party!

now, the first thing I have to do is thank Edgar from Blacksheep’s Bits of the Web for writing about me in his post was really nice of him, and it did help HUUUUGELY in letting people know about this gift-away (as he rightfully named it) secondly, I really have to thank you all for…… Continue reading it’s a gift-away party!

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Christmas, mysteries, giveaways and quakers

I’m frantically working on my Seasonal Quaker ornaments project.. I really need to clear the way for all the SALs going on! 😀 first of all, yesterday evening I received the first part of Manuela’s Waiting for Christmas SAL.. it’s a wonderful tree I’m planning to stitch more than once on different cuts of linen…… Continue reading Christmas, mysteries, giveaways and quakers

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sewing mother’s day away

first of all, happy mother’s day! I thought it’d be nice to spend this day with my mom, taking out her old sewing machine, chatting (read arguing mostly :)) while cleaning it, collecting all the pieces she managed to place all around the house (this is so my mom)   she used this only a…… Continue reading sewing mother’s day away

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SAL contagion

this summer gets more and more intriguing by the day.. Manuela aka The Shop Around the Corner has suffered from the SAL contagion, and decided to start a Christmas themed project.. you can join by mailing her at ..and don’t forget to visit her blog! these are the details she gave me so far: the…… Continue reading SAL contagion