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Chapter fifteen – The aroma

previously on The grey tail: my sis left for Southampton. I’ve been overseeing the pillbox.  – – – Pablita started eating again. thank goodness. we tried to give her a little fruit cause she had been starving herself for quite a few days. it all ended up in food poisoning. what the heck. basically, tortoises like sweet stuff,…… Continue reading Chapter fifteen – The aroma

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Chapter nine – More pictures

previously on The grey tail: all this writing got me a little tired. explained it all in pictures. it’s happening again. – – – – – – follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode where I’ll be writing something, I promise. 😉

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Chapter six – The eggs

previously on The grey tail: Taras the cat is rapidly healing. Pablita is still on hunger strike. I’ve been stitching. I have proof. – – – it all starts with me hearing weird noises. maybe I should start wearing ear plugs all the time. one day I heard Pablita banging loudly on the playpen boards, she’d been refusing to…… Continue reading Chapter six – The eggs

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Chapter four – The bite

previously on The grey tail: Pablita the tortoise has been taken care of. lots of poo in return. much appreciated. – – – another not-so-fine day, while I was hanging the laundry in the garden after lunch, I heard more, ominous, bedlam. I looked around and realized the water flowing I heard a moment before wasn’t coming…… Continue reading Chapter four – The bite

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Chapter three – The therapy

previously on The grey tail: Pablita the tortoise and Taras the cat went to the vet. we all came out with good news and empty pockets. doctors appreciated. – – – the following day I turned our home and garden into a tortoise nursery. safe playpen in the entrance, big enough for me to lay down in…… Continue reading Chapter three – The therapy

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Chapter two – The visits

previously on The grey tail: Pablita the tortoise got attacked by a dog. Chiara’s PJs got ripped while on the rescue mission. it’s good to be back. – – – the moment I had her in my hands I washed the shell from all the spit and dirt covering the wounds. I looked at her,…… Continue reading Chapter two – The visits