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it’s good to be back!

hey hey! it’s good to be back after losing my blogging mojo for such a long time!! I honestly don’t know how it happened. time runs shortly as usual and I preferred spending these beautiful spring days in the garden rather than typing.. I know it’s quite selfish but this time winter seemed to never…… Continue reading it’s good to be back!

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long waited supplies

just a quick note to let you know that: – Taras is doing way better, no more sticky or hydro-poo 😉 – I received the fabrics I needed for the late presents I’m already working on and another one I forgot to take a picture of.. will be for next time 😉 – here are…… Continue reading long waited supplies

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square one

after all the aerosols and integrators Taras took last week, I’m looking at the same flu symptoms we thought he recovered from.. I went to the vet (another vet) this afternoon and we agreed on taking some distance from the treatments he followed last week, which were kind of aggressive and have backfired now.. he’ll…… Continue reading square one

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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

while we’re still stuck under a snow blanket (which is getting thicker and thicker I must say) I decided to keep you posted with all the crazy things going on lately Taras had his check up visit last friday, and he seemed alright. on saturday though I heard him sneeze a couple of times (which…… Continue reading let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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one list, many updates

too many things going on. so many I’ll need to list them! Taras is growing bigger and bigger by the day. he weights 3,8 kg (8,4 pounds) now, looks like a common adult cat – and is only 4 months and 19 days old! gosh! [warning: massive quantity of kitty pictures – more nonsense following]…… Continue reading one list, many updates

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the kitty, the kitty, the kitty

you said you wanted kitty pictures.. and kitty pictures you’ll get! 🙂 Taras is amazing to say to very least, so playful and funny, kind to everyone.. he jumps on my shoulder while I do the dishes, supervises while I brush my teeth, eats super healthy food, plays hide and seek, .. he’s a very…… Continue reading the kitty, the kitty, the kitty

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a week in the life

to anyone’s surprise, I didn’t do much this week but enjoying this furry wondrous wonder we play, eat, sleep, explore, play, eat, .. oh well, enjoy the pics! 😀 – – – as for the stitching, here is half of part 3 done, together with part 8 (I changed Un air de fĂȘte into Buon…… Continue reading a week in the life