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Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

Sunday morning I got up late, undergo a massive facial restauration (read it took me a half an hour makeup session to change from an old rug into a nice looking human being ;)) and left for Formigine.. now, I drove for 207 km (128 miles) – about 2 hours by car ..mostly motorway, so no big deal (plus I LOVE driving…… Continue reading Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

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the all-in-one post

long post or multiple posts? ..hmmm.. we’ll see.. either way, get ready for quite a few pictures and finishes.. 😀 so boiling hot temperatures are back.. (so annoying I find it hard to concentrate on almost everything, including stitching.. – darn it!) this might explain why this piece got so unlucky it took me an…… Continue reading the all-in-one post

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back to stitches

this Sunday turned out quite rewarding..! 🙂 I did my homework for the other Mystery SAL Al Castello, Lilli Violette’s project.. here is where I left it before the cooking madness, then the second step (just) completed.. I wonder what will happen next month! 🙂 I also had time to pack Edgar’s gifts from the…… Continue reading back to stitches

Mystery SAL Al Castello

these are strange days we’re living in today

Nicoletta from Nikyscreations released the second part of her Mystery SAL Al Castello yesterday evening, I printed it the moment I got home and stitched it today.. thank goodness I had something to do, since I got up to find out our local school has been taken to the cleaners.. camera is gone, documents and…… Continue reading these are strange days we’re living in today

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it’s a finishing party!

I had a lazy afternoon wednesday, so I managed to add another finish to my monthly goals: the first part of Lilli Violette’s Mystery SAL Al Castello now my guesses for this BON- word are the usual bonjour or bon appétit ..or maybe bond.. James Bond or bonfire.. bongo.. bonanza..! 😀 (yes, I’m a stupidity-free…… Continue reading it’s a finishing party!

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making assignments

finally the first part of Niky’s Mystery SAL Al Castello is finished (not that I had a lot to do, anyways.. but when you find that two out of five called for threads in the project are precisely the two colours you still don’t have in the DMC collection, waiting for them to arrive is…… Continue reading making assignments

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mystery SAL.. here I come!

seeing the end of the Holly & Hearts Sampler, I was kind of sad not to have another piece I had to finish before a certain deadline (which I seem unable to set by myself). today the answer to my worries came in the form of Niky Farrauto aka Nikyscreations, Lilli Violette and Lizzie Kate. both three…… Continue reading mystery SAL.. here I come!