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SMALL SAL, clues and a mysterious finish

sorry I’m posting this one a day later, but yesterday was a pretty crappy day and by the looks of it today is promising to top that. 😤 because the mini stitch enigma is still going on, I cannot show you the finish I got last Tuesday – but I can tell you that: it would fit…… Continue reading SMALL SAL, clues and a mysterious finish

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where did time go

I had all sorts of troubles this week, basically the load of crap you get in a month or so, make a juice of it and serve it daily for a week-time.. gosh! it started on wednesday (when I was supposed to go to the villa, on Ferragosto.. nope, the car’s battery decided I should…… Continue reading where did time go

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new monthly goals and a winner

as I hoped yesterday I managed to finish The Workbasket Quaker Holly I’m really pleased with how it turned out.. I added two little bells to the cord, since it was too long for the ornament, and I didn’t want to tuck in (and waste) such a long corded tail.. plus, the bells look really nice..…… Continue reading new monthly goals and a winner

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Christmas stitches (already??!)

I’ve been working on a few ornaments these days, and I’m happy to say I’m almost done with the stitching part on all of them.. as for the finishing, my excuse is I’ve run out of filling, and I can’t go on until I come home from Tuscany with a new supply (lame excuse, I…… Continue reading Christmas stitches (already??!)

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a sad hermit weekend

it has been my first IHSW, and a strange one too.. all the bad news about the bombs and the earthquake kept me glued to the news, while stitching, but definitely not enjoying it as I thought I would taking a break from things I find hard to understand anyways, this is what I’ve been…… Continue reading a sad hermit weekend

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sewing mother’s day away

first of all, happy mother’s day! I thought it’d be nice to spend this day with my mom, taking out her old sewing machine, chatting (read arguing mostly :)) while cleaning it, collecting all the pieces she managed to place all around the house (this is so my mom)   she used this only a…… Continue reading sewing mother’s day away