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stitch enigma, here we go!

hear hear! the time has finally come for me to lay down all the info about the upcoming stitch enigma! 🙂

the haunt for the mysterious piece begins on my second blogaversary, May 3rd! we’ll enjoy a month-long enigma, with a total of 10 written clues and 5 pictures. I will post a new piece of information or snap twice a week. a month of fun and guessing! aren’t you excited?! I know I am!! 😀

– – –

there will be two winners:

  1. one prize pack will go to the participant who correctly guesses the name of the design AND the designer of this mysterious piece I’m already working on. –> May 3, 5:25 pm we already have our fist winner, Heather! well done!!
  2. one prize pack will go a person picked randomly among all the participants. the draw for this second winner will be held at the end of the game, which means a few days after the last clue gets posted. this allows plenty of time to everyone guess and enjoy the game. dates to the end of the game can be found at the bottom of this post.

if one of the two winners has previously posted or shared the banner for this blogaversary in his/her blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever page, they will win an additional EXTRA PRIZE, a lovely chart-pack with embellishments from The Sweetheart Tree*.

this is the banner you can save to your device and share:

blogaversary II - square picture

all prizes are new supplies I purchased especially for this occasion, all spring themed! 🙂 I had so much fun picking them, and by the way I have already received them so everything will ship on time – ✓ check on my goal for no delays this year! 😉

– – –

a regular prize pack will include:

– a cut of Vaupel & Heilenbeck 28ct. tubular linen band measuring 25 x 10 cm, ideal for sachets or small bags finishes (there are three, very thin stripes on the front of the band; one linen cut is lilac, the other purple);

– a cut of striped Red Rooster cotton fabric, fat quarter size (bright green or cream/brown);

– a cut of Vaupel & Heilenbeck ribbon, 5mm wide and 1 meter long (white with yellow leaves).

blogaversary prizes 5/14
prize pack n.1 for the 2nd blogaversary/stitch enigma. Vaupel & Heilenbeck sachet band (28ct. lilac linen), Red Rooster cotton fat quarter (cream/brown), Vaupel & Heilenbeck ribbon (white with yellow leaves) + EXTRA PRIZE* (in case the winner had shared the banner) The Sweetheart Tree chart-pack for Spring Fantasy.
blogaversary prizes 5/14
prize pack n.2 for the 2nd blogaversary/stitch enigma. Vaupel & Heilenbeck sachet band (28ct. purple linen), Red Rooster cotton fat quarter (green), Vaupel & Heilenbeck ribbon (white with yellow leaves) + EXTRA PRIZE* (in case the winner had shared the banner), The Sweetheart Tree chart-pack for Evening Primrose.
blogaversary prizes 5/14
these German linens are already made into tubular bands. cool, uh?! you only have to cut them sachet-size; stitch your initials, flowers, etc. (being these in 28ct., over 1 and over 2 are both possible); sew together the bottom and finish the top! voilà! 🙂 each cut measures 10 cm wide and 25 cm high, so you can easily make a pair of coordinated sachets.
blogaversary prizes 5/14
prize packs with optional EXTRA PRIZES*

– – –

* the EXTRA PRIZE will be a chart-pack (with embellishments) for Spring Fantasy or Evening Primrose by The Sweetheart Tree.

– – –

how to participate:

enter your guess by adding a comment, easy peasy 🙂 comment moderation is always on so don’t worry if you don’t see yours appearing straight away – it won’t take long anyways (unless I’m asleep! 😀 ). all comments containing the right answers will be on hold until the end of the game, I will communicate you via email if you succeeded in solving the enigma. 🙂

of course you can comment and take guesses whenever and wherever you want, but remember that in order to participate in the final draw for the second winner, you have to be among the commenters to the FIRST POST i.e. the post containing the first clue.

if you’re the first who guesses correctly, you win – it doesn’t matter where you posted the comment; but in order to prepare entries for the bowl of destiny, it would be way easier for me to have all the participants’ names listed in one post – so please comment once in the FIRST POST (it doesn’t have to be a guess, you can say whatever you want 🙂 ) and then guess or comment wherever you feel like later on. only the commenters to the FIRST POST will participate in the final drawing for the second winner.

I’ll add a link to said post after every clue so that those that weren’t here from day one will be able to reach it directly.

you can comment and guess as many times as you want, I will count one entry per person (provided it appeared once in the first post) for the final draw. if you manage to solve the enigma I will give you +4 extra entries in the final drawing for the second prize pack.

don’t forget to enter a valid email address when posting your comment so that I’ll have a way of contacting you in case you win.

if you had previously shared info about this stitch enigma, just email me so with a link to said page/post and you’ll win the EXTRA PRIZE as well.

– – –

if you have questions of suggestions, just ask me here and I’ll add FAQ replies 😉

  • I live in a godforsaken place, can I still enter the fun? of course! as a matter of fact, I live in a godforsaken place too! 😉 the game is open to participants from all over the world. in case of win, please consider that I’ll be shipping from Italy so it might take a while before you receive your package.
  • I don’t have a blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or any other social media, can I still take part in your stitch enigma? yes, of course you can! if you guess correctly the name of the design and the designer, or if you are randomly picked among all participants, you will win the prize pack (which is already pretty cool).
  • I didn’t know about this stitch enigma the day it started, can I still take a guess? the entries for this years’ winners close a few days after the last clue gets posted – at that point I will announce that the game has ended, approve all the comments containing the right answers, recap who guessed correctly, and reveal who got picked in the final draw.
  • when can I start sharing the banner for the EXTRA PRIZE? anytime between now and the end of the game (a few days after the last clue gets posted) – this leaves you plenty of time to share the info about the stitch enigma.
  • when will the last clue get posted? there are 15 clues (10 written clues + 5 pictures) that I will post twice a week, which means the stitch enigma will last from May 3rd until June 22nd. I will close the game on June 28th and have the final drawing the following day.

– – –

BaBa – supervising the mystery 😀

I hope you like and agree with all the rules, it sounds quite clear to me but I’ve been planning this for such a long time, I’m not the best judge anymore. if you have anything you want to ask, just do so in a comment here and I’ll update the page so that everyone will benefit from your contribution. 🙂

this is a list of previous posts dedicated to this stitch enigma and the one we had last year, for new readers that need catching up. 😉

– – –

wishing you all good luck, I better go back to the mystery piece – it won’t get finished all by itself! 😀

have a nice day and thank you for passing by!


5 thoughts on “stitch enigma, here we go!

  1. I THINK that I understand! Anyway – I would like to participate because it sounds like fun! I’ll keep and eye on your blog for clues.

    Mary in MN


    1. 😆 no senior moment, Kaye! with “the first post” I meant the post that contains the first clue, which will get posted on May 3rd. I will make it much more clear, thank you for your input! 😊❤️


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