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Rinfrescata: on books, news and birds

Hello! Remember me? 😉 I used to love stitching and blogging about stitching up until the Christmas holidays? 😜 I had to take some time off needles and threads because of a series of factors including a fiercely piercing pain in my shoulders that just wouldn’t let me stitch for more than an hour and…… Continue reading Rinfrescata: on books, news and birds

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Chapter 3 – SMALL SAL & goals

before February reaches its half, I would like to sum up my January goals and set new ones which I’m already working on, but it’s nice to keep track. 🙂 January stitching goals: ‱ finish L*K’s ’13 mystery Holly & Hearts (1st part is almost done) —> I did finish part 1 and started on part 2, but…… Continue reading Chapter 3 – SMALL SAL & goals

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Chapter 2 – There and back again

so I promised you a journey through Middle Earth yesterday, well don’t say I didn’t warn you. my love for Tolkien started a long time ago, when as a kid I took the bus one day all alone, went to the bookshop and bought my first book that I picked all alone, paying for it with…… Continue reading Chapter 2 – There and back again

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Wonderland of wonders

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite books when I was growing up. I picked this pocket edition one day when book shopping with mom. I remember picking it up from the shelf, so tiny and inviting. the font was tiny as well, unabridged, there were the original drawings, notes, the original songs…… Continue reading Wonderland of wonders

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treasures, X’mas loots an’ pirates, mateys!

I’m so glad you enjoyed this tour I’ve started, I’d love to show you more of my habits and childhood memories. hold on ’cause it’s going to be a long post. I promise Taras pictures as refreshments at the end 🙂 – – – a few days ago I was blessed with a RAK from Annette over at…… Continue reading treasures, X’mas loots an’ pirates, mateys!

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gifts and peeps [reprise]

I simply couldn’t make it all fit into yesterday’s post, so here is some more gorgeousness for you to peep at. 😉 – – – first a picture you’ve already seen, but you might have overlooked the candle-mania going on here. the thing is, I can’t light them up now that Taras spends this much…… Continue reading gifts and peeps [reprise]

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past, present and future goals

ciao everybody! it’s good to be back to writing, and typing, and making mental notes (“I have to blog about this”), and thinking “oh I wonder what she’ll have to say when she reads about this! and that!” 😀 in the bullet list of New Year’s resolutions there is to try and update the blog once a week -…… Continue reading past, present and future goals

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liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

so, guess what happened exactly 7 days ago this morning? I spilled milk on my laptop. what a creative way to ruin my day, don’t you agree? the fun facts are: a. I rarely drink milk, especially in the morning; b. I even more rarely drink warm milk with honey in the morning next to my laptop; c. despite…… Continue reading liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

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the girl with the tombstone

I forgot to mention how a success Maria Concetta’s course was the other day. another lady joined us while I was halfway through the lesson, and many more asked if they could reserve a place too for the afternoon or the following days. the course, complete with plenty of fabric and threads to take home…… Continue reading the girl with the tombstone

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Chapter thirty two – The party

previously on The grey tail: got hooked on hooks. no wonder. – – – so the plane landed, the mom was at the airport, the luggage wasn’t crushed and the sister was still in one piece. mission accomplished! 😀 look who was happy to be back! in order to celebrate the event we had a little…… Continue reading Chapter thirty two – The party