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An Alphabet Club Mystery revealed

Look at the calendar! 😱 It’s about time I reveal the solution to the Alphabet Club Mystery! As some of you guessed, it’s a SSSSSSSS.. SCIMMIA! 😀🙈🙊 February was the TAC month for S, so I stitched something starting with S (in Italian, of course! 😜). Congratulations those who guessed and those who participated, I…… Continue reading An Alphabet Club Mystery revealed

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A clue for the weekend

You have it! This is possibly the last clue I’m going to give you. Or should I say, the last clue I had planned on giving you, but since nobody has guessed yet I might tweak a new shot here and there and set up a batch of fresh clues for you.. Ready?? Here comes the ninth clue! 😀 🔮 Remember…… Continue reading A clue for the weekend

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Travelling Bunny – a finish & a giveaway

Originally posted on sewscrapmuse:
If you’ve been following for a while you might remember that I was SOOOOOO excited to win the opportunity to host The Travelling Bunny in his world circumnavigation. Bunny waited patiently until January first – and he’s my first stitching piece of 2015. Me being me, I did convert a few…

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the long lost drafts – “Chapter fifty-six – The Bunny’s map”

I have found some long lost drafts in my Dashboard, things I wrote at the end of last year – all edited and ready-to-post but somehow forgot to click that Publish/Schedule button. classic. so I thought I should dig those drafts out of their grave and give them new life – even an outdated life…… Continue reading the long lost drafts – “Chapter fifty-six – The Bunny’s map”

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we have a winner

here, here! the Travelling Bunny has finally a place to go! and the winner is Jane G! I just emailed her for the snail mail address. as for the rest of you, stay tuned. those of you who follow me on FB already heard about this, but for the rest.. I’ll be at Abilmente, the biggest…… Continue reading we have a winner

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The guy needs a passport, maybe two

you remember the Travelling Bunny that arrived here a couple of weeks ago from Kaye Down Under, well I’m happy to say I actually stitched the piece within the time frame I gave myself, finished finished it into a darling scissor fob and I’m ready to send it together with some cuteness to whoever gets…… Continue reading The guy needs a passport, maybe two

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Chapter eighteen – The resoluteness

previously on The grey tail: I got a bunch of stuff to keep my eyes and belly busy with. yum. – – – while I renewed the aspect of the blog, and updated the terribly old content, I realized the “2013 finishes” space was pretty empty. I tried and tried to remember, to focus, but nothing came…… Continue reading Chapter eighteen – The resoluteness