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just a few thoughts

I haven’t had the pleasure of stitching in weeks, and it was with great benefit to my nerves, and bitterness in my heart, that I spent most of my hermitting Sunday working on this little piece – which is now officially done. Here they are, just a few thoughts. – – – I’ve been deeply shaken by…… Continue reading just a few thoughts

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GiGi, TUSAL, IHSW, 3 finishes, happy mail, a year with the Pumpkins [sit down: a lot of updates]

first of all I would like to thank you all for the sweet and understanding words regarding my previous post; despite the usual exceptions, I am sure the majority of my readers do care about me and my point of view. I wish there was an easy fix to this, but for the time being, I…… Continue reading GiGi, TUSAL, IHSW, 3 finishes, happy mail, a year with the Pumpkins [sit down: a lot of updates]

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happy IHSW (oops)

in wishing you a very happy International Hermit & Stitch Weekend I have to confess what some of you might already know happened during the week if they follow me on other social media.. I got my supplies for this one and simply could not resist!! 😀 I only squeezed a little evening time on it…… Continue reading happy IHSW (oops)

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hermitting, knots and a new clue

so I did get the chance to hermit & stitch a lot during the weekend, but because the threads I’m using keep on knotting (I swear in the past week I had all the knots I usually get in a year!) I had to deal with a lot of sudden cuts, half lengths, otherwise unnecessary…… Continue reading hermitting, knots and a new clue

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Chapter eighteen – The resoluteness

previously on The grey tail: I got a bunch of stuff to keep my eyes and belly busy with. yum. – – – while I renewed the aspect of the blog, and updated the terribly old content, I realized the “2013 finishes” space was pretty empty. I tried and tried to remember, to focus, but nothing came…… Continue reading Chapter eighteen – The resoluteness