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gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish

I know we agreed on a weekly Thursday post but honestly I see no reason why I should wait until tomorrow when I have a bit of time now, and most of all a finish to show! (and it’s from my goals too! win win! 😀 ) – – – before showing off my most…… Continue reading gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish

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fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

hi! dropping by to let you know I received the prizes for the stitch enigma today! YAY! 😀 they really look fantastic (especially those German linens, and I’ll show you why in a bit), I’m so happy I have everything ready ahead of time – now I only have to get back on track with the…… Continue reading fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

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announcing finishing Fridays

hi everybody! it took me quite some time to get here, but I’ve been thrilled to announce I got some recent finishes. oh yes, plural! not one! not two, ladies! but THREE finishes (which kind of justify my absence here.. I was busy stitchin’! :D) I decided to post them once a week, with a…… Continue reading announcing finishing Fridays

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the advent calendar blog hops here

I won’t mention the fact that I’ve been neglecting my posting here (again!) – but I am truly sorry. I thought I would find a bit more catching up time during the holidays but no luck so far. on the other hand, I happily entered Jo’s Advent Calendar Blog Hop and I’m even more happy…… Continue reading the advent calendar blog hops here

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hang in there

I know, I know.. I really didn’t meant for this to happen (AGAIN!) but it did.. I’ve been dragged away from blogging – lot of things going on these days. but you can still follow everything almost in love feed through all those super handy socials that are taking outer our lives. you find all…… Continue reading hang in there

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just a quick post to let you know that Angi at My Happy Memories picked her favourite piece for the cover of “Look what’s brewin’ in my kitchen”! ..she picked them all! 😀 she did well, there are really awesome finishings and sweet colours, congrats to all the stitchers that took part! it was really funny, so…… Continue reading woohoo!

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pumpkins and spiders

ciao everybody! I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween, packed with goods and treats! I caught (better said, they brought home) an annoying cold, so basically there’s always someone drinking hot tea, sneezing, blowing one’s nose or melting Eucalyptus flavoured tablets in one’s mouth – repeat ad infinitum. I haven’t been able to sleep…… Continue reading pumpkins and spiders

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Chapter thirty-nine – Long gone summer days

previously on The grey tail: I worked on my very first JABC felt pincushion. BaBa approved. – – – WARNING. kind of gross pictures coming up. one morning, during the last month of summer, I found BaBa playing with a pack of piadine. when the game got a little too harsh, I decided to take them away…… Continue reading Chapter thirty-nine – Long gone summer days

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“Signed Pumpkins”, an autumn giveaway

if you’re looking for the Signed Pumpkins giveaway post, you’ve come to the right place. wait, what is the Signed Pumpkins giveaway?! well, this month I’ll visit Abilmente, the biggest needlework fair in Italy. since there’ll be many designers I can’t wait to meet again, and many I’d love to talk to for the first time, I…… Continue reading “Signed Pumpkins”, an autumn giveaway