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Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

because I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and I’m late for at least a few appointments, I thought we should bring back those “chapter” posts that some of you liked so much. I’m taking some time this morning to write for as long as I can and schedule the chapter-posts that you can…… Continue reading Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

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look what I got in todays’ mail.. 🙂 called for fabric and threads for the Magic Garden Sampler SSAL I ordered back in July (anyone who wants to stitch this project as slowly as possible, you’re welcome to join Veronica and me! :D) then I received the last batch from Sabine Rossi’s creations.. and look what…… Continue reading ooops..

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summer eggs Ă  la Paulette

now you do remember Pablita had her check up with the vet yesterday afternoon.. well, since she hasn’t been doing much these days.. always hidden under the rosemary.. never even taking a step out of it (I actually keep on leaving lettuce just outside so she eats in bed  – or sort of.. :D) I…… Continue reading summer eggs Ă  la Paulette