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FaceTime, scallops and Aristocats

it has been a pretty weird day so far, so I thought it better to allow myself a few minutes to distract me with nice things, and most importantly nice people and friends. I’m so grateful for the amount of very good friendships I’ve built through my blog in the past few years, I never thank…… Continue reading FaceTime, scallops and Aristocats

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Theme-a-licious October

I don’t think I managed to participate in Heather’s Theme-a-licious so far this year, too bad because I love the geeky hints she gives every month to keep us working on those WIPs or justify our oh-no,-not-again! new starts 😉 before the year ends there’s definitely one month I want to dive into, Oft-Overlooked October! the directions…… Continue reading Theme-a-licious October

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liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

so, guess what happened exactly 7 days ago this morning? I spilled milk on my laptop. what a creative way to ruin my day, don’t you agree? the fun facts are: a. I rarely drink milk, especially in the morning; b. I even more rarely drink warm milk with honey in the morning next to my laptop; c. despite…… Continue reading liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

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happy second blogaversary!

finally the day has arrived! 😀 HAPPY SECOND BLOGAVERSARY!! I feel really lucky for in these two years of blogging I made friends with many people – true, heartfelt friendships that many times formed bonds stronger than I could have ever imagined. I want to take a moment to thank you all for sticking with me – whether…… Continue reading happy second blogaversary!

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the long lost drafts – “Chapter fifty-five – Crespelle”

I have found some long lost drafts in my Dashboard, things I wrote at the end of last year – all edited and ready-to-post but somehow forgot to click that Publish/Schedule button. classic. so I thought I should dig those drafts out of their grave and give them new life – even an outdated life…… Continue reading the long lost drafts – “Chapter fifty-five – Crespelle”

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fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

hi! dropping by to let you know I received the prizes for the stitch enigma today! YAY! 😀 they really look fantastic (especially those German linens, and I’ll show you why in a bit), I’m so happy I have everything ready ahead of time – now I only have to get back on track with the…… Continue reading fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

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Chapter fifty-two – Bitchy spaghetti

previously on the grey tail: I made home-made tomato sauce, a delicious pain in the arse. – – – still on the Italian cooking front, I prepared a classic one, spaghetti alla puttanesca. now, it might sound like a swear word (and it gets really close) but the origins of this dish are a bit tricky and you…… Continue reading Chapter fifty-two – Bitchy spaghetti