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Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

Sunday morning I got up late, undergo a massive facial restauration (read it took me a half an hour makeup session to change from an old rug into a nice looking human being ;)) and left for Formigine.. now, I drove for 207 km (128 miles) – about 2 hours by car ..mostly motorway, so no big deal (plus I LOVE driving…… Continue reading Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

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catching up (1/2)

after a lot of sad news, let’s shed some positive light on what I’ve been up to these days.. the other day I enjoyed the most delicious kebab I had in my entire life.. my sweet sis came home from school with one for me in her backpack, safe and sound (and still warm! -…… Continue reading catching up (1/2)

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where did time go

I had all sorts of troubles this week, basically the load of crap you get in a month or so, make a juice of it and serve it daily for a week-time.. gosh! it started on wednesday (when I was supposed to go to the villa, on Ferragosto.. nope, the car’s battery decided I should…… Continue reading where did time go