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one finish, one start, one drama

that’s how it works, right? you finish something, you tell yourself you’re allowed to start something new rather than picking up an old WIP, and BANG! colour issues arrive! đŸ˜€ – – – let’s start with the finish 😉 in 5 days or so I stitched the lovely Little House Needleworks freebie that I received…… Continue reading one finish, one start, one drama

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hermitting, knots and a new clue

so I did get the chance to hermit & stitch a lot during the weekend, but because the threads I’m using keep on knotting (I swear in the past week I had all the knots I usually get in a year!) I had to deal with a lot of sudden cuts, half lengths, otherwise unnecessary…… Continue reading hermitting, knots and a new clue

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past, present and future goals

ciao everybody! it’s good to be back to writing, and typing, and making mental notes (“I have to blog about this”), and thinking “oh I wonder what she’ll have to say when she reads about this! and that!” 😀 in the bullet list of New Year’s resolutions there is to try and update the blog once a week -…… Continue reading past, present and future goals

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last week my dear friend Kaye wrote me asking if I was interested in an Around the World Blog Hop invitation – of course I said yes, although due to the move I wrote this post a few days ago and scheduled it for the due date. safety first! 😉 check out her post about…… Continue reading FAQ

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pumpkins and spiders

ciao everybody! I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween, packed with goods and treats! I caught (better said, they brought home) an annoying cold, so basically there’s always someone drinking hot tea, sneezing, blowing one’s nose or melting Eucalyptus flavoured tablets in one’s mouth – repeat ad infinitum. I haven’t been able to sleep…… Continue reading pumpkins and spiders

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the girl with the tombstone

I forgot to mention how a success Maria Concetta’s course was the other day. another lady joined us while I was halfway through the lesson, and many more asked if they could reserve a place too for the afternoon or the following days. the course, complete with plenty of fabric and threads to take home…… Continue reading the girl with the tombstone

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Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

Sunday morning I got up late, undergo a massive facial restauration (read it took me a half an hour makeup session to change from an old rug into a nice looking human being ;)) and left for Formigine.. now, I drove for 207 km (128 miles) – about 2 hours by car ..mostly motorway, so no big deal (plus I LOVE driving…… Continue reading Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23