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Theme-a-licious October

I don’t think I managed to participate in Heather’s Theme-a-licious so far this year, too bad because I love the geeky hints she gives every month to keep us working on those WIPs or justify our oh-no,-not-again! new starts 😉 before the year ends there’s definitely one month I want to dive into, Oft-Overlooked October! the directions…… Continue reading Theme-a-licious October

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the all-in-one post

long post or multiple posts? ..hmmm.. we’ll see.. either way, get ready for quite a few pictures and finishes.. 😀 so boiling hot temperatures are back.. (so annoying I find it hard to concentrate on almost everything, including stitching.. – darn it!) this might explain why this piece got so unlucky it took me an…… Continue reading the all-in-one post

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monthly goals (who cares!!)

I did really bad this month.. I won’t whine as I’m so pleased with the SAL Sorpresa 2 I just want to go back to it 😀 (mind it’s 35°C/95°F and I feel like stitching.. this should tell you how much I’m into this! ;)) plus, I have to work on it as much as…… Continue reading monthly goals (who cares!!)

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flowers and super sales for jumanji june

Geeky Heather has Jumanji June as Theme-a-licious this time.. I’ve saved a pretty cool piece I’ll work on as soon as I finish the Karin’s flowers project.. in the meantime I’m pushing this to the limit (once again!) taking flowers as good as animals for JJ.. 😀 Jumanji June Is it a jungle out there…… Continue reading flowers and super sales for jumanji june

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new monthly goals and a winner

as I hoped yesterday I managed to finish The Workbasket Quaker Holly I’m really pleased with how it turned out.. I added two little bells to the cord, since it was too long for the ornament, and I didn’t want to tuck in (and waste) such a long corded tail.. plus, the bells look really nice..…… Continue reading new monthly goals and a winner

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raise your caffelatte for the monthly goals slam!

so here we are folks! last call for the gift-away entries, for the Festa del Ricamo shopping list editing, for things to get packed, camera’s battery to get charged, stitching things to be kitted up.. I’m leaving for Tuscany!! 😀 the thing is I’ll be leaving very early on Saturday morning, but tomorrow will be a…… Continue reading raise your caffelatte for the monthly goals slam!