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past, present and future goals

ciao everybody! it’s good to be back to writing, and typing, and making mental notes (“I have to blog about this”), and thinking “oh I wonder what she’ll have to say when she reads about this! and that!” 😀 in the bullet list of New Year’s resolutions there is to try and update the blog once a week -…… Continue reading past, present and future goals

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Chapter seventeen – The Lady in Yellow

previously on The grey tail: I found the stitching frame of my dreams and made good use of it. – – – this will be a short post with BaBa’s softness and some madness provided by me. I was afraid I’d feel sad and lonely after Downton Abbey’s last special (couldn’t be more true), so I got…… Continue reading Chapter seventeen – The Lady in Yellow

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Chapter nine – More pictures

previously on The grey tail: all this writing got me a little tired. explained it all in pictures. it’s happening again. – – – – – – follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode where I’ll be writing something, I promise. 😉

TV shows

what a journey!

I’m interrupting the regular list of scheduled posts for I just finished watching Downton Abbey’s 2012 Christmas special Journey to the Highlands. good heavens what happened!! I’m not saying a word in case you haven’t seen this yet. but Julian Fellowes, you wicked man!! a Grinch in disguise, that’s what you are!! trust me, you…… Continue reading what a journey!

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some watching and some stitching

here’s the last of the scheduled posts I managed to write. not bad, is it? I’ll try and keep at least a couple of scheduled projects ready for the week so that I don’t leave this blog for too long, I hate when it happens. I should also mention the fact that I’ve been far…… Continue reading some watching and some stitching