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the other winner

while in the midst of renovations, an oat weevil infestation and vet appointments (it has to pour, right?) I managed to keep track with the stitch enigma that has now come to an end. 😦 it was so much fun following your guesses and scenarios! after all the good and so clever answers you gave – I now hope the solution didn’t let you down! 🙂

I asked my sister to pick a name out of the bowl of destiny last night and..

– imaginary drum roll please –

stitch enigma draw

stitch enigma winner

..the winner is Karen from On Beads and Needles! 😀

– – –

now I better get back to all my cleaning, fun eh? this has already hit the top 3 in the Worst Summer Ever Rank.. I wonder what the next two months will bring.. argh!

BaBa 6/14
– we’ll get our bedroom back eventually, right? – yes, and it’ll be so much better.. there’ll be a bed upgrade as well, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference 😀
BaBa 6/14
Cheshire Cat impression, well done, BaBa! 🙂

have a nice day, I hope I can get back to blogging (and stitching) VERY soon! ♥



10 thoughts on “the other winner

  1. Congratulations to Karen! I will make sure I comment twice a day next year to double my chances LOL. There is going to be another Enigma next year, isn’t there? I need something to keep my brain cells active 🙂


  2. Bravo and thank you – grazie for this funny enigma. Full of so much feelings… curiosity, reflection, irritation, discouragement, hope, shared pleasure with all other players at least. xxx


    1. my pleasure! I’m happy you went through this emotional roller-coaster, that’s what I had in mind when I was writing down the clues.. there’s no real fun when it’s too easy 😉
      I’ll have to save a special project for the next enigma, can’t let you down now! 😀


  3. Hi Chiara, I am sorry, I wanted to join in the fun but the whole enigma thing seemed to confuse me! I promise to try harder if there is another one. Congrats to the winners, hugs, Kaye


    1. Jo made it clear there has to be another one, and I had to promise not to make it any harder! 😀 don’t worry, there’ll be another chance, and I’m sorry if it seemed all blurry, at least the next time you kind of know what to expect 🙂


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