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THE ALPHABET CLUB link-up post – M –

Hello! Hello! Welcome back to THE ALPHABET CLUB!

– – –

The Alphabet Club

this is an automatic link-up post: here you can add your link to this month’s post for letter M (or whatever your alphabet inspired you to feature) and keep up with everyone joining the Club. remember to paste the link to the actual post, not to the generic homepage of your blog.

how do I add my link? in order to add your link you need to use the blue the link-up  button you find just after this paragraph. it’s the only free way I found that would work on WordPress, but it does work quite nicely once you learn how to use it: simply click on it once, you’ll be redirected to the link-up page provided by inlinkz that I created for this month’s letter/detention.

I just added my entry for this month’s detention successfully (YAY!), what do I do now? you can leave a comment here saying you did so, I’ll definitely check from time to time to keep up with everyone’s contributions, but I’m sure other people would like to stay up to date, and leaving a comment is a good way to let them know new stuff came in 😉

where do I find other people’s links so that I can read their posts? just click on the blue link-up button. the link-up page provided by inlinkz that I created for this month’s letter/detention will list all the entries as they are added by the respective writer.

how much time do I have before the link-up expires? because this is a free tool, I cannot keep entries open indefinitely. this link-up page will stop working in 33 days from now, just before a new one opens for the following letter. this is how it will work for as long as TAC lasts. this doesn’t mean that next month nobody will be able to find our links and read our blog posts  it only means that nobody will be able to ADD their own links to a previous detention once a new detention starts.

I discovered TAC later on and would like to add a post for previous letters but their link-up expired, can I still do that? of course! that is so cool! thank you! 😊 just add each link to the current detention link-up post naming them after the letter; or simply write everything down in one blog post and link that up saying it’s a “catch-up post” 😉

you’ll see this post automatically repeat itself every month but the blue button will take you to the new link-up page 😊

you will also find these link-up posts listed in TAC’s main page together with all the info about it.

of course should you have any problems with inlinkz, just let me know using the contact form you find in my blog: write me all the info and I’ll try to fix it for you.

– – – 

Thank you so much for joining TAC and posting such wonderful entries!

Have a good day and happy stitching!



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