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the monster stash

well, I’ve been wondering how many pictures I’d have to take in order to show my recent purchases.. and today I’m pleased to welcome.. the MONSTER STASH!! 😀

auuuuuuu auuuuuu au a auuuuuuu! she got the stash! she got the MONSTER STASH! she got the stash! can get all in a flash.. then you can MONSTER STASH! 😀 [for those of you who don’t get my silly jokes, click here]

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(which does not include stash for the recent SALs I decided to take, holy guacamole..!!)

in the first pictures you see the package’s content just arrived from France, which included all amazing, really amazing things hand made by Sabine Rossi, Oeil2cha.. now isn’t she genius! 🙂 ..thank you Sabine!!

then there are all the cool things I found during the 30x30x3 sales at Casa Cenina.. [for stash info see the GEE.. I STASHED! page]

– – –

trying NOT to think about how much I’ve spent on stitchful stuff last month, let me introduce you to the 94862 SAL going on 😀

it’s called Mon Marquoir and it’ll last 20 months, free as we’ll have to download each chart every month (mind that sometime Annick will start deleting the old ones, so you don’t want to miss any!) ..and the theme is still a secret.. but you can see the two parts already available.. lovely! 🙂

plus she recommends her had-dyed threads, in such delightful shades.. it’s impossible not to go for them..! they’re called Les fils de Morphée and you can find all the info about this project (in French) on Annick Abrial’s site (on the right you see the Mon Marquoir banner)

she added a very useful PDF with all the info on the project, such as how many skeins of the Source de vie thread you need if you’re stitching this on a Newcastle linen, using one ply over two (which is what I’m going to do :D)

she also provides the linen, in other counts too, of course.. and a plan of how all the steps will fit together forming a huge chart 329Wx376H 🙂

so here I go again.. auuuuuuuuuuuuu a a auuuuuu!! 😀

– – –

I have to thank you all for the nice comments and wishes for Pablita,

for following the tail so many every day (again, don’t worry as soon as I get Very Scary I won’t stitch anything else, promised!! 😀)

and last but not least let me welcome new viewers from Croatia and Saint-Pierre e Miquelon

dobrodošli! bienvenu!

[I’ve been lucky enough to get picked for Ewe’s traveling pattern! YAY! 😀 been stalking everyone since it went on its way months ago.. and now Kay from Kay’s Random World will send it back to Italy! I tell you, it’s going to be such a stitchful summer!! :D]


11 thoughts on “the monster stash

  1. LOL at “Monster Stash”…I was dancing in my seat. =) You got a lot of lovely things. But I will not let you drag me into another SAL. =) I will just admire yours from a distance!!! 😉


  2. Ascolta Chiara ma…dove le vende? Sono andata sul Blog ma non ho trovato nulla, o meglio…IO non ho trovato nulla 😉


  3. Okay, you weren’t joking when you said you’ve acquired tons of stash XD I see Otto, you new stitching companion. So cute!

    Hehehe… Another SAL… Another huge one too. I look forward to see it.



  4. Wow nice stash. I’m glad you finally got the Traveling Pattern too! Loved looking at past posts (too busy stitching to get on my blog :p ) I hope the Tortoise pulls through.


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